The sea water, an inexhaustible source? micronutrient

The sea water from the Atlantic Ocean contains about 35 grams per liter of mineral salts, the best known and most abundant is sodium chloride (NaCl). This plays a vital role in fluid balance (water-salt) in the body.

The seawater also contains all the essential trace elements (Copper, Manganese, Sulphur, Zinc, Magnesium, etc.) whose deficiency can lead, in some cases, to malfunction.

Although present in very small amounts in the body, they nevertheless act as activators of many metabolic processes and are essential for the growth of cells of the nasal mucosa, especially in babies and children.

The benefits of seawater for nose

The nose ensures the role of “air conditioner” by warming and humidifying the cold air from outside the body, the role of a “filter” ridding foreign particles that air can hold and as a barrier infection (body defense).

If this defense mechanism is impaired, the agency becomes more fragile and vulnerable to colds, nasopharyngitis, or allergic rhinitis.

The nasal administration of a solution based on sea water 100% natural lets make the most of its virtues: it moisturizes the mucosa, provides immediate comfort with its decongestant action (in the case of a hypertonic solution *) and helps eliminate impurities.

A healthy mucosa can then perform its vital functions in good conditions: respiration, olfaction and lung protection against infections

* hypertonic solution: higher salt concentration than the cells of our body to quickly relieve blocked noses

SEA WATER STERIMAR™ 100% natural

Sea water quality STÉRIMAR ™,
permanent quality control and demanding

  • The sea water is taken STÉRIMARTM deepwater whose precise location is chosen according to the weather elements and the study of currents to ensure its purity.

  • STÉRIMAR ™ suppliers commit to ensure high and consistent quality of sea water and to strictly respect the site and the defined sampling process.

  • This is done in an area where sea coast is regularly monitored in terms of health by an official body that can trigger an early warning.

  • Upon receipt from the manufacturer, the sea water is again re-chemically and microbiologically controlled in order to monitor the possible presence of heavy metals or accidental pollution.